Sunday, December 16, 2018

World Championship Day 4 Preview - Afternoon Session

So we have seen some of the big guns play and there are more to come on Day 4.

First match sees the very good German player Gabriel Clemens against English qualifier,Aden Kirk. Clemens has played well onthe Pro tour this year and had some good results. He is part of a group of very good up and coming German stars and will want to do well. Aden Kirk had to qualify and has had minimal Tour experience. He is no doubt a good player but I think the experience of Clemens will tell.

The next game is William O'Connor against  Yordi Meeuwisse. O'Connor has gone further in tournaments this year, but both are quite equally matched,This is a very tricky game to call.My stats show O'Connor is ahead in terms of form, but Meeuwisse will still be a tough opponent.

Third up is the very experienced Brendan Dolan against Chinese debutant Yuanjun Liu. I don't know very much about the Chinese player, to be honest, so it makes it hard to see how he will perform, Clearly good enough to qualify, so has to have respect, but Dolan has been here so many times, that he should win quite comfortably.

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The last match of the session is an exciting match between Dave Chisnall (pic) and Josh Payne. Payne showed his class in getting to the second round and is a big scorer. Chisnall is arguably one of the best heavy scorers, and 180s are no stranger to him. The key to this match will be the ability to finish. I expect Chisnall to win, but will not be surprised if Payne takes it. This should be a close game.

Afternoon Session

Gabriel Clemens v Aden Kirk   -  Round One
William O'Connor v Yordi Meeuwisse  -Round One
Brendan Dolan v Yuanjun Liu  -Round One
Dave Chisnall  v Josh Payne Round Two

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