Monday, December 17, 2018

PDC World Champioship Day Five Preview

After a busy weekend, there is just the one session this evening, but four interesting matches take place.

Opening the session is quick thrower Vincent van der Voort against Filipino player Lourence Ilagen. Van der Voort comes with a lot of experience in televised and World Championship events and knows what to do to progress. Ilagen is not so experienced, although he had previously played at the World Cup of Darts. He also won the 2018 Asian Tour World Championship Qualifiers ahead of players such as Seigo Asada and Royden Lam, so has to be given repsect. However I think that van der Voort will have too much fire power, although he is prone to mistakes, in which case Ilagen must take his chances.

The second game, sees two very experienced players who are no stranger to the World Championships. Wayne Jones plays Devon Peterson in what seems to be a close match. Both have not had their best seasons but are here on merit. The key to this will be who can find their form quickest. I think Jones may just sneak it.

Third game sees the second Womens qualifier, Anastasia Dobromyslova against Ryan Joyce. Dobromyslova has had some previous experience in playing at the World Championship, but will need to beat her very best to go through. Ryan Joyce has played quite well on the tour this year and may prove to be just that little bit too good.Although fingers firmly crossed for Dobromyslova.

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The final game of the night is a second round match between Raymond van Barneveld (pic) against Darius Labanauskas. Labanauskas looked good in his first round and will not be deterred by the occasion. Van Barneveld is expected to win, but he will need to play well as any slip up may let Labanauskas in for an upset. Should be a good game!

Evening Session

Vincent van der Voort v Lourence Ilagan  - Round One
Wayne Jones v Devon Petersen  - RoundOne
Ryan Joyce v Anastasia Dobromyslova  - Round One
Raymond van Barneveld v Darius Labanauskas Round Two

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