Thursday, December 20, 2018

PDC World Championship Day 8 Preview

I got called away last night so haven't been able to write a Day 7 review yet, but will slot it in later.

So back to Day 8 and another 8 matches.

Afternoon session

First match is Jermaine Wattimena against Michael Barnard. Wattimena has had a solid season and is experienced so this should help. Barnard held his nerve to win his first round match and that may settle him for this encounter. It should be close but I think Wattimena has a slight advantage

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Second is Alan Norris against Steve Lennon (pic). Lennon was very impressive in his first round match and will want to keep his form going. Norris hasn't had the best of seasons but is a strong player and very experienced so he can't be discounted. I think if Lennon wins the first set he will go on to win as Norris sometimes had the tendency to let the pressure get the better of him when losing.

The third game should be interesting. It features former BDO World Champion Stephen Bunting against an up an coming player, Luke Humphries. Humphries caught the eye in his first round match , dropping just one leg. Bunting is a more experienced player and on his day he is a very good player. Humphries will need to up his game and hit around a 95 average but he is capable. Bunting will want to establish and early lead to put the pressure on. This should be close and I think Humphries may just cause an upset.

The final afternoon match is Steve Beaton against Chris Dobey. Beaton is probably the most experienced player left in the tournament and will always play consistently. It will be up to Do you to raise his game as Beaton will be tough to catch if he wins the first set. However Dobey is a capable player and has had a good season, so he does have a very good chance to progress. I think another very close match and I'm not sure I can predict a winner here.

Afternoon Session (All round Two)
Jermaine Wattimena v Michael Barnard
Alan Norris v Steve Lennon
Stephen Bunting v Luke Humphries
Steve Beaton v Chris Dobey 

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