Thursday, December 20, 2018

PDC Championship Day 8 Preview cont'd

Four more games this evneing, again they are all round Two contests.

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First is Cristo Reyes (pic) against Rowby-John Rodriguez. Rodriguez was showing some of his old form as he won his first round match.He will certainly be hoping to maintain that form in this tough encounter. Reyes is a very good player and when playing at his best, can be excellent and score big. He has more big stage experience too and that may well count in his favour. Should be a good match, but I think Reyes may have too much firepower.

The second game looks quite even as Mervyn King plays Jan Dekker. Dekker beat Lisa Ashton in the first round, so played under a lot of pressure. This game will seem more relaxed for him, and will either improve his form , or lead to a lack of focus. I suspect the former will be the case. King is such an experienced player that he should be able to handle the big occasion. He is another player struggling for form this season, but has put in the odd good performance. He will need to do this again, and I can see this match going to 5 sets.

The third match see two-time World Champion, Adrian Lewis against the young qualifier, Ted Evetts. Evetts was another who looked good in the first round, but Lewis is a different prospect. Lewis has had an indifferent season, but he can never be overlooked. If he plays his best,he is one of the best players in the world. Evetts will be hoping Lewis is not at his best.

The final game is Mensur Suljovic against Ryan Searle.Suljovic's form has dropped off recently, and he will need to be fully focused for this game. Searle played very well in his first round match and looked confident, He also hasn't had a bad year on the tour too. If Suljovic is not quite at his best , then an upset could be very much on the cards.

Evening Session 

Cristo Reyes v Rowby-John Rodriguez 
Mervyn King v Jan Dekker
Adrian Lewis v Ted Evetts 
Mensur Suljovic v Ryan Searle

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